PrintFactory is a suite of colour-focused workflow tools. Driven by a world-class colour engine, PrintFactory’s tools all connect to a faster, smarter RIP for perfect large format digital print.

Better Printing, Bigger Profits.

PrintFactory is workflow software for wide format printers. It comes with a set of tools that work much harder and smarter than the average, standard RIP shipped with wide format printers today.


PrintFactory’s design-quality Editor tool lets your team do pre-press corrections to original files in almost any format. Fonts, colour-corrections, layout changes and more, without the cost of expensive third-party design apps.

  • Colour amends, font work and typos.
  • Tiling, templating, contour management.
  • Additions such as grommets, bleeds, and folds


PrintFactory’s Layout is an all-in-one tool for preparing jobs. Printing and cutting, nesting, creating double-sided jobs, white-generation, specialist colour and specialist sector tools all at the touch of a button.

  • Last minute nesting changes that won't slow production down.
  • Manual control over Industry 4.0-levels of automation.
  • Unique step-and-repeat features, cut features and more.


PrintFactory’s RIP works faster and smarter, centralising printers and cutters to avoid ‘technology islands’ or conflicts in your workflow. Install unlimited copies of PrintFactory’s RIP. You only pay for the devices you use.

  • Cloud-based, faster processing and colour changes on the fly
  • Last-minute control over files without slowing down production.
  • Handles hot-folders, templates, and Industry 4.0-level automation.
  • Unlimited number of RIPs.
  • Unlimited RIPs and simultaneous jobs per printer.


Print the colour you want to with PrintFactory’s Calibrator. Our Device-Link profiles deliver the same results every time, printing consistent colour on different devices. Plus, our EcoSave mode will save up to 20% in ink and media costs with no loss in quality.

  • Automatic distribution of profiles (or centrally managed) with integrated cloud storage for disasters
  • Easy profiling, total confidence in colour reproduction.
  • Zero need for pre-print proofs - you can guarantee the colour you're printing.
  • Supports all of the most common spectrometers.


PrintFactory’s PrintStation tool ‘opens up’ a closed printer. It gives your team more control over production and makes load balancing easier.

  • A 'RIP Once Output Many' (ROOM) application.
  • A simple interface that opens up the 'black box' of closed printers.
  • Better control over your workflow, which leads to higher profit margins.

Just-In-Time Nesting

PrintFactory’s Just-in-Time Nesting tool lets you make smart, automatic changes or manual adjustments to jobs right up to the last second, without slowing down production. Reduce media costs. Speed up your workflow.

It’s the perfect solution for companies with multiple production sites and multiple printers, as the software is intelligent and gives you the control to print and balance your production.

  • Jobs are ONLY released at the last second, which means maximum control.
  • Schedule jobs automatically, save media, work most effectively.
  • Try different layouts, make manual changes without slowing production.


PrintFactory’s Cloud dashboard shows you where you can make changes in real-time to enable faster, smarter production. This secure dashboard provides all the analytics and reporting you need for large format print in every industry.

  • A live dashboard showing details of every job, everywhere.
  • Ink usage and media statistics. Up-time and device status.
  • The ideal tool with insights for Industry 4.0 compatible printers.
  • Reporting on completed jobs, print and cutting.

Servis in vzdrževanje

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